Washington's Quality Music Radio

Is On The Air - 1050 on every dial

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Today, February 1, 1960 is a revolutionary day in the history of broadcasting in Washington.  Washington's Quality Music Radio Station is on the air with the very finest concepts of enjoyable and worthwhile listening.  You can hear the difference . . . the vast improvement over conventional-type radio music programs . . . at 1050 on every dial.

While we know that there will always be skeptics, and even a few scoffers, who doubt the authenticity of something "new" in a world accustomed to newness as an everyday thing, we think that the proof lies in the listening.  It should convince the most sophisticated that W Q M R is as different in character of musical programming content and quality of performance as the high-fidelity instruments of today are different from the "wind-up" phonograph or the "tuned circuit" radio of thirty-five years ago.

Certainly, W Q M R hopes you will express enough interest to make a station-to-station test.  Tune to W Q M R and listen to music for a minute or two, then tune to any other . . . any other . . . station on the dial for the same amount of time.  Tune back, then, to 1050 and again notice the difference that Washington's Quality Music Radio makes in your radio listening.

Two policies contribute to this dynamic new broadcasting technique.   First, is the W Q M R policy of playing only the best recordings (in quality and content) by the best-known composers and performers.  Rogers and Hart, Irving Berlin, Victor Herbert, Sigmund Romberg, Oscar Hammerstein (*), Jerome Kern, Cole Porter, George Gershwin, and Rudolph Friml are but a few of the great composers whose artistry is with you every day at 1050 on the dial.  When interpreted in the styles of Meredith Wilson, Mantovani, Andre Kostelanetz, David Rose, George Melachrino and other masters of the instrumental form, the performance reaches a new zenith unmatched in the modern musical arts.

The other policy, even more revolutionary in its significance, is the result of years of developmental work by an outstanding electronics consultant and designer, who is associated with our engineering facilities.  W Q M R plays all music through a magnificent new "Concert Hall Sound" audio component in our station.  This Concert Hall Sound gives such a burst of realism and a feeling of nearness to the performers that it can only be heard - not described (**).

Artistically and technically W Q M R achieves what no other station in this area has been able to achieve.  The result is the most satisfying listening experience that can be offered to you.

There are few stations, if any, in the entire world of broadcasting that can say to you with such assuredness:

    "There's never been anything to equal this experience in radio listening."

Now . . . hear for yourself.  Tune to 1 0 5 0  on every dial and hear, for the first time, Washington's Quality Music Radio.

Thank you.

The Management and Staff - WQMR, 1050 On Every Dial

(appeared in the The Washington Post, The Evening Star, and The Daily News (5 cents, remember?) on February 1, 1960.


Bill wonders:

* - I don't think Oscar wrote anything 'cept lyrics.

** - Never figured this out, must have been a "plate" reverb unit