Charlie Plunkett, Station Mascot - read Ron's link for details

Ron at the Control Rack

Fishbowl window off the 10th floor elevator. Note that all announcers hated the fishbowl!

Lots of water from roof holes (read Ron Crider's link above)

Water from above (roof on world bldg)

Foundation work for transmitter bldg at Sligo

Ground digging machine at Sligo

Horizontal antenna elements yet to be hoisted to the tower!

The original home of Quality Music Radio

Main Studio at Kemp Mill Road

Main studio at the World Building

Monitor system

WQMR (with WGAY-FM) in the art-deco building with glass bricks in Wheaton

Piece of AM tower (some assembly required)

Production Room at Kemp Mill Road

Backup studio/production studio World Bldg

Radials for the AM tower

Remote Control panel for AM and FM Xmtrs

Ron and the Tower Crew

Ron Crider: Digging Ground at Sligo

Tom at the RCA BTF 10 E1 WGAY-FM Xmtr

Stop work order - Wonder why?

Ted Dorf, WQMR/WGAY General Mgr/Sales Mgr

Tom DeBray and Homer Acers (after escape from DC to Florida)

WGAY-FM tower - looks complete!

WGAY-FM tower with people on it!

Vertical FM Antenna Element

World Building North Face

World Bldg South Face

WQMR tower under construction

WQMR 1050 AM Silver Spring (Sligo Creek Golf Course)