Arthur W. Arundel
Waverly Way
McLean, Virginia

                                    March 5, 1960

Radion (sic) Station WQMR
Wisconsin Building
Washington 16, D.C.

Dear Sir:

May I send along heartiest congratulations to the refreshing and good "sound" in radio programming which, after hearing of, I am now tuning into with your station.

We pick up your signal clearly in Virginia, and will stay with it until such time as you give in to the average station's technique of bombarding its listeners with commercial spots and "Big Forty", or whatever it is, recordings.

Your "quality music", so far, is just what is says - - neither classical dierge(sic?) or hot crooner.

I have occasional need to buy radio time for sports, charity and other such promotional spots.  Would you be kind enough to send me a schedule of your advertising rates.  I would rather pay higher rates on your station than use most of our other local low calibre stations.


Arthur W. Arundel