The Living Strings


Somehow someway somewhere we continue to have LOUSY representation on CD of the "machine" known as The Living Strings (and lots of other Living Things).  Collecting the Lp's is still the way to go, and in the "scattered discography" are some guidelines - with lots of un-filled-in-blanks - that focuses on The Living Strings.  Most of their albums were recorded in England and conducted by William Hill-Bowen and Johnny Douglas.  They were part of the fabric of what made the "mood music" format for the 60's and early 70's and they are very much worth collecting.  Sad to say they were on the RCA Camden (junk) label, meaning they were pressed on vinyl that contained "only small rocks" and OF COURSE didn't even have sleeve liners.


 Johnny Douglas biography

Tribute Page to Johnny Douglas

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The DULCIMA RECORDS WEBSITE (Johnny Douglas recordings)

Scattered Discography of the Living Strings, help me complete this please!

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