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Gambling online is one of the rising trends on the Internet, and although it is't as big as other social media platforms, it is and will continue to be a very significant development. Following are some of the pro and cons relating to Internet gambling.


One of the best things about gambling on line is the convenience that it offers. You aren't required to block of large amounts of time out of your schedule to travel to a casino, purchase gas, put additional wear and tear on your vehicle, and you don't have to spend money on a hotel suite either. Instead, you can squeeze out a few gambling sessions from the comfort of your own living room and at any time you choose. Some casinos even offer special promotions such as playing in a weekday that can lead to even more savings.


Gambling online gives you plenty of time to practice and improve your game, and you don't have to contend with intimidating opponents or get distracted by all the activity happening inside the casinos. Additionally, you can feel more comfortable about using your strategy guides and other aids that you would be unlikely to pull out at a live casino. You can also take as much time as you like to make your plays, and you don't have to worry about a dealer or fellow player becoming impatient with your play-style.

No Crowds:

When you're gambling at the casino, you really don't have much choice as to who sits next to you or how busy the casino becomes, but when gambling from your own home you can play as long as you like without being around all the people.

No Tipping Required:

All of your money can be used for game play and not for tipping dealers, bellboys, waiters, and more. Imagine how this will add up over the course of a year!

Free Play:

Several gambling sites even go out of their way to teach you a particular game and offer tutorials to study, and may even have a poker expert available to answer any of your questions. And for individuals who don't want to risk their money, several online casinos offer a "play-for-fun" version that's free to play, although you don't have a chance to win any money that way.


In online gambling, withdrawals can sometimes take a long time to process, although you don't have to carry around large amounts of cash.

Customer Service:

There isn't much customer service in online gambling, and you don't get pampered the way you would at a casino; however, online casinos will generally have a chat room or telephone support for their guests, but it isn't as personal.

Multiple Accounts:

Online gambling requires setting up a variety of accounts if you want to play more than one. Land based casinos allow you to simply stroll from one casino to another. Whatever method of gambling you choose, both types are highly entertaining and each offers a totally unique gambling experience.


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