As The Years Go By... Again... "just my opinion"

I rarely hear from anyone (snif) but wanted to start with something interesting (depressing) received in the mail - about the 11th letter from Sirius/XM trying to get me to start their service again.  No thanks.  Here's why:  my world of music is defined by the rapidly vanishing "string dominated orchestras" of the period from roughly 1950-1975.  So what does Sirius/XM have to offer?  It's not for us.

POP:  Satellite Radio channels 2 through 17.

ROCK: (killer of our kind of music): channels 19-42.

HIP-HOP/R&B: channels 44-50

DANCE/ELECTRONIC: channels 51-54

COUNTRY: channels 56-61

JAZZ/STANDARDS:  Good things in here - "smooth jazz" (barf).  Classic jazz (YES+++) New Age (not sure how this got into this category).  ESCAPE - BEAUTIFUL MUSIC!  Sadly, it is not the string dominated orchestras; it's more of what I think of (in my opinion) an 80's nightmare with an awful lot of Bonneville custom material (50 flavors of Muskrat Love) and way too many choral and vocal numbers; Sinatra/American Standards (YES+++) and finally show tunes.

One block of channels might make people happy with a channel for Met Opera and Classical Vocals, another for Classical Pops and a channel for traditional classical.

The problem is that as of a year ago when I bought the car I could not even try to enjoy "Escape" which is Easy Listening as I don't want to hear vocals or choral works or junk pops from the 60's through the 80's.  I want instrumental showtunes and standards.  Too narrow, yea, I didn't give the classical channels a chance.  But there's another problem.  My little car has good speakers and National Public Radio, when they shut up and play music, sounds great, but that's over the air... while "Escape" on satellite is so heavily compressed it sounds like a transistor radio thrown into a sink and somehow still working.  It doesn't have the fidelity in any respect of a 1960 table radio.  Sounds underwater and the fidelity - well - what you'd expect from a AM clock-radio from years ago.

True enough and very sad that we get so little respect, but then again if the station for MY kind of music did a creditable job in content and fidelity, I'd re-subscribe.  Nope, looks like CD's for me!

In the next installment of "years go by" I want to bore all of you (most of you) with a listing of artists that I think can do no wrong (yes, Percy Faith is one of them but not the only one and he did a few real clinkers that I shall not mention (child's record Faith original Blubber Boy, The Walrus, Why Does It Have To Be Me (methinks Percy was ripping off his own 3-chord wonder, My Heart Cries For You) and one more original that probably didn't do much to quell Frank Sinatra's desire to get the hell out of Columbia... Tennessee Newsboy.   When Percy finally "took back" his own song (Heart Cries....) he added all the chords, countermelodies, and a full arrangement that you somehow might expect of Percy Faith!

It doesn't happen anymore; artists don't generally turn out decades of albums that have their listeners confidently buying their albums, already knowing they'll like what they're taking home.  Of course the whole thing has turned upside-down; movies are not scored, just watch the nice trailers showing how many pop singles are crammed into a movie.

Bill (now old and writing nonsense :)