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Alice's New Slot Game at Jackpotjoy

Alice�s Adventures in Wonderland is a novel written by Charles Lutwidge Dodgson in 1865. It is the story of a young girl named Alice who finds herself falling down a rabbit hole into a new and exciting world with a variety of unique creatures. The story is one that contains logic and imagery � and has been a popular story for adults and children alike.

Since the story was published, it has been turned into a movie on several occasions. It has also been turned into a variety of cartoons. Because the characters are so iconic � including the Queen of Hearts and the Cheshire Cat, it is used on many occasions by various cartoons to put a new spin on it.

The story was originally written by Reverend Dodgson at the request of Alice Liddell, who was told the story to keep her occupied. He had told the story to her out loud � and when it was finally written out, it included drawings of many of the characters � allowing future publishers and producers to mimic the look of the characters when they told the story.

The story has recently been told in a movie starring Jonny Depp as the Mad Hatter � providing fame to the fantasy classic once more. Because of the remake, it has reminded people about how much they love Alice�s Adventures in Wonderland.

Now, players have the opportunity to enter Wonderland when they play the game of the same name at Jackpotjoy. The players will be able to play online slots featuring five reels of the characters including the white rabbit, the Mad Hatter and many of the other classic characters from the story. Spins cost as low as 1p, making it possible for anyone to play on any budget.

There are 100 pay lines to bet against in Wonderland. At 1p per pay line, betting all of the lines will only cost �1. An auto-spin feature makes it easy to keep playing without manually hitting the spin button each time. Along the way, players will also encounter a variety of bonus rounds � including The Roses, In the Queens Court and Mad Tea Party. These provide the opportunity to pick up cash prizes as well as to boost the level of entertainment.

Players around the world are logging into Jackpotjoy in order to enter Wonderland for the chance to be introduced to the story�s famous characters as well as to win big. To provide even more fun, players are able to enter the chat room where they can talk with other players who are enjoying the sights and sounds of the online slots game.

Alice�s Adventures in Wonderland has been a fantasy beloved by all since 1865 and everyone can now enjoy it in a new way because of the online slots. Entering Wonderland has never been such a rewarding adventure.


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