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iWagerSports Online Sports Book & Casino - is a 5 Star Rated Sportsbook in San Jose, Costa Rica.   Featuring - No Fees, Guaranteed Same-Day Free Payouts, Free Gamblers Insurance, Huge Bonuses, and a fantastic Online Casino.
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    Welcome to iWagerSports - Sportsbook & Casino
Who We Are
iWagerSports began taking sports bets in 1997, we ushered in a new era in the mushrooming field of legal offshore sports wagering... the Discount Sports Book! Would iWagerSports be able to change the face of offshore sports gambling the way Charles Schwab did with discount stock brokerage, Priceline.Com with their discount travel agency, or Amazon.Com with their discount book selling business?
The answer, a resounding YES! Since then, over 3,000 highly satisfied players have opted to pay less juice on their teasers or receive higher payoffs on their parlays.
Classic Parlay and Teaser Prices... the "Full-Charge" Sports Book's Secret Weapon!
At classic Teaser & Parlay prices, the "full-charge" sports books can earn from 9% to 25% of gross wagers. These classic Parlay & Teaser prices "full-charge" sports book charge is their "secret weapon". This created the niche in the market that iWagerSports has effectively penetrated by discounting these types of wagers (parlays & teasers) to its' customers, resulting in either lower teaser "juice" or higher parlay payoffs.
How can iWagerSports offer you these discounts? Here's the secret!
By developing a revolutionary one million dollar sports wagering software package, and through the utilization of state-of-the-art computer technology, iWagerSports overhead is lowered by at least 30% versus industry norms... these cost savings are passed on to their sports bettors. An equally important factor is that iWagerSports reduces substantially the huge profit margin "full-charge" sports books earn with their "secret weapon"... classic teaser & parlay prices. That's the iWagerSports "secret"... a combination of 21st century computer technology and discount marketing strategy.
How does iWagerSports  save me 30% to 90% of my bankroll?
At first glance, when you look at the iWagerSports charts, your initial reaction will probably be that our parlays pay off 10 to 30% higher than "full-charge" sports books and our teasers charge 10 to 20% less than the "full-charge" guys... but, what's the big deal? Here's the big deal. "Full-charge" sports books CHARGE MORE and PAY OFF LESS on each and every parlay or teaser bet you make throughout the year. Think about it. The average player makes 10-15 bets a week for the 20 weeks of the football season or 30 weeks of the basketball season. By simply utilizing a discount sports book like
iWagerSports, as opposed to a "full-charge" sports book, you will be amazed at how your betting bankroll stretches.
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