WJMD 94.7 Bethesda!

Many thanks to Bill Hamlin for these treasured pictures... a picture of WEZR's production board from the wayback machine!



The late Jules Henry came to WJMD from WGAY. He was
a very smooth performer, a fine pianist and singer, and a real



WJMD music was home-brewed in 1972. (Later, when
Bonneville was hired, we got new Scully decks. But I was
always jealous of WGAY's superior sound.)

The WJMD Suite on the 5th Fl. of the Chevy Chase Bldg.
(5530 Wis. Ave.) Originally in a shack on the Kenwood
Country Club golf course, it began as WBCC but was
purchased by the Diener brothers (of carpet fame). They
were Walter, Jack (?), Milton and Daniel, hence the call.
SJR (owners of the race track in San Juan, P.R.) bought
the station for $2 million in the early 60's.  They built a
6 station group that sold for over $100 million in the late 70's.  WJMD
and WQAL, their Cleveland station, were
Bonneville-serviced for several years.

The WEZR Production Studio (1971).  Music was programmed in-house and
played from disc. Art Keller was
the owner, John Morrissey programmed.